About Us

Rainbow Pride Auckland is committed to showcasing the LGBTIQ+ communities with their allies in support, the very best Parade and Festival in Aotearoa New Zealand on a National & International platform.

We are committed to building a strong sense of community which will involve stakeholders from all areas of our communities, including groups who feel they have been underrepresented. A strong sense of community enhances commitment among community, mutual support of stakeholders, higher morale, a global perspective and diversity of culture.

We want to promote understanding and respect within communities from varied religious beliefs and cultural backgrounds and diverse lifestyles as well as programs that embrace diversity. Rainbow Pride Auckland believe communities gain strength from life experiences, education and point of view and is committed to foster and develop strong senses of community.

We want to communicate effectively among all stakeholders and promote diverse communities which accepts and supports cultural and social differences. Likewise, an emphasis on global awareness of injustices that exist in and around the world.

Rainbow Pride Auckland is committed to the improvement and connectedness of its relationships with all of its stakeholders by increasing engagement with its communities. We are committed to bringing a vibrancy to our communities and our allies which sits alongside inclusiveness of all people.

Our pride is so much more than celebrating the rights we all have fought hard for, it’s about celebrating who we are as individuals and celebrating together the differences each of us have and have a parade and festival for everyone.

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