Advisory Team

Thomas James

Thomas, more commonly referred to as TJ is a creative extravert who is passionate about being involved and helping the community as much as he can.

As a professional, TJ works as an Internal Communications Advisor where he tells the story of his organisation and takes people on the culture building journey through engaging and imaginative storytelling. While he may be people-communication focused now, TJ brings to the table experience as a journalist, a marketer, a digital content producer, and event developer.

Many may recognise him from The Eagle courtyard sipping a Long Island Iced Tea, always happy to meet new people and chat with the community. Aside from nights out, TJ spends his time playing board games, working in the garden, or settling in for a night of horror movies.

For TJ, this is an opportunity to make a difference for the rainbow community and have a helping hand in creating a legacy that inspires continued growth and inclusion.

Personal statement:

“Auckland is my home, and we have an obligation to make sure we celebrate each other in this beautiful city. The community has given me so much growing up, and now is the time for me to give back.”

Cindy Filo

Performing as Cindy of Samoa, the popular diva has toured the Pacific, New Zealand, Australia and the US, and is renowned for her impersonations of Shirley Bassey, Whitney Houston and Tina Turner.
At age 15, Cindy became the first female vocalist at Samoa’s famous nightclub, Mt. Vaea. New Zealand tours followed in 1989, Cindy became the star attraction of many Polynesian revues, including the must-see tourist show, Cindy’s Cabaret Show. In was said no visit to Samoa is complete until you see the Cindy’s Show. It became top of the list of 10 must do things while in Samoa. Cindy toured the US in 1999, performing in Carson City, Utah, San Francisco. In 2002, she won Sydney’s Poly Talent Quest, the first of many talent show triumphs. In 2008, she was a finalist in TVNZ’s Stars in their Eyes. Today, Cindy performs regularly at SkyCity Casino and is a crowd favourite at corporate and charity events all around New Zealand

Jill Morrow

For the last 4 years, Jill has been an active committee member with the Auckland Gay Bowling Association (AGBO) – Sail City Bowlers. She is a role model for team building and her experience has developed a well rounded approach to the making of cohesive working groups. She is heavily invested in the direction taken by our community and was involved with Pride Parades, 2013 and 2014 as a member of the management team. Jill grew up with whanau, that are gay, lesbian and transgender. Her rainbow wairua comes from a place of acceptance and aroha.

Personal Statement:
“Ko Jill Morrow toku ingoa,
Ko Tokatoka toku maunga
Ko Kaipara toku Moana
Ko Arapaoa toku awa
Ko Mahuhu toku waka
Ko Waihaua toku marae
Ko Te Uri O Hau toku hapu
Ko Ngati Whatua toku Iwi

I support a fully Inclusive Pride Parade Celebration and to get there I believe all community members have input towards developing and defining the steps taken to reach our groups objectives”.

Josh Holtom

A senior sales professional who has been in frontline customer service and client relationship management for 16 years, has been actively involved in the LGBTQIA+ community both behind and in front of the scenes in Wellington and Auckland. At Auckland university he was actively involved with Q[Space] on campus, the LGBTQIA+ safe space. Starting Drag in 2005, he had great exposure to working with organisers and venue operators to produce shows and events for the community. Josh worked with the New Zealand Aids Foundation fronting a nation-wide education program aimed at MSM with the NZAF Safe Sex Poster Boys.

Having worked in Australia for a while in Public Affairs & Marketing, Josh brings project design fundamentals, production of creative content, graphic design, and is an expert in project management – especially with short timeframes. 

As well as performing in Drag, Josh also worked as Bar Manager at several venues and has been further exposed to the diversity of our community.

Personal Statement:
“I have a strong sense of family and being part of the LGBTQIA+ community is the most colourful there is. We literally can wear any hat without fear of judgement, and this is where my talents really shine. Rainbow Whakahi (Pride) Auckland is a platform that our community can rally around – one that aims to listen to it’s supporters and on their behalf hold it’s sponsors to a high standard of serving the LGBTQIA+ community. I also believe it is a round table where all speakers are equal and will be given the time to be heard constructively”.

Baz Bloomfield

Baz identifies as a Gay man who belongs to the Rainbow community. He has extensive community and business networking skills and has comprehensive knowledge relating LGBTTIQ+. Baz volunteers his time for the New Zealand AIDS Foundation, Rainbow Auckland Charitable Trust and is a member of Rainbow Auckland (formally known as GABA).

He held the position of Parade Registration Coordinator for the 2014 & 2015 Pride Parades; attended meetings with Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (ATEED) which related to health & safety and liaised with many contracted suppliers, police and security to ensure a safe parade.

Baz attended many meetings with the Pride Parade Director and the Manager of the Ponsonby Business Association. These meetings often needed a certain amount of diplomacy and direct talking.

In 2017 Auckland Pride Festival Inc. accepted Baz’s nomination to be a board member.              

He has developed skills in the area of conflict resolution and worked with several boards which were in need of professional assistance.   

Personal statement:
“I have first-hand experience dealing with the Office of Proceedings at the Human Rights Commission and that experience has enforced my belief that every person has the right to live their life without harm”.

Rohan Fozzy

Rohan Fozzy is a part of a passionate generation that is leading the charge in both workplaces and communities alike. Currently employed at The Warehouse Group, Rohan has been working closely with his employer to deliver pride related events within the organisation and with the LGBT+ community. Supporting a diverse workforce of 13,000 employees across the Warehouse group with information management systems and incident management, Rohan has superior problem solving skills and the patience to listen and understand issues first hand.

Personal statement:
“I believe that pride is about aligning the ‘who we are today’ with where we want to be in the future. It is also about celebrating who we are with the wider community by creating a safe place to express this whilst being open to the diversity of today’s society”.

Ives Rose

Ives Rose, a former refugee, also known for his drag queen pasona – Black Mamba, became a Registered Social Worker after obtaining his degree in social Practice at Unitec in 2016. While a student, he participated in community activities, including; volunteering with Rainbow Youth and African Community Forum.

As social worker, he continues to advocate for the rights of rainbow rangatahi (youth) through working with their whanau (family), communities and other agencies to create a safe space. He understands the psychological pain associated with being isolated by family and the community, due to sexual identity.

In 2014, with a message of love, acceptance and inclusion, he ran for and won the title of Mr Africa (MANZ) – an organisation that helps empower young men of African descent with the purpose of appreciating their strengths to foster enhancement of potential, talent and culture.

Personal statement:
“Whilst most of my family are still finding it difficult to accept who I am, I strongly believe that being who you are is the best cure to psychological distress. In and out of my work, I strive to support and help others based on my own personal experience”.

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