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June 3, 2019

An update from Rainbow Pride Auckland

The Rainbow Pride Auckland (RPA) board met for a Special Members Meeting (SMM) to discuss events of the past couple of days.

The board has accepted James’ resignation, and wish him well for his future endeavours.

Recommendations will be provided to the guardianship panel for next steps, with the board due to convene again on June 19. Details of these will be released once resolutions have been made.

RPA would like to express it does not support Brian Tamaki or Destiny Church, an organisation which does not align with our societies values. In reference to our previous statement, the involvement of guardians and advisory members with Tamaki has been in an individual capacity and not as representatives of RPA.

June 2, 2019

James Laverty resigns from Rainbow Pride Auckland

Following his public support of Brian Tamaki and the Destiny Church, James Laverty has resigned from his position as Guardian of Rainbow Pride Auckland (RPA).

“To pursue opportunities working with churches across New Zealand it’s time I step away from Rainbow Pride Auckland and let the board continue planning for next year’s pride month,” says Laverty

While Rainbow Pride Auckland is open to working with all community groups, the board and advisors both wholeheartedly disagree with Tamaki’s previous comments and will wait to see if he and the church follow through on their promises to the community before making any further decisions.

At this stage, Rainbow Pride Auckland is not in support of Tamaki, Destiny Church, or Coalition NZ and any member of RPA seen to be acting otherwise are doing so as an individual, not a representative of the society.

The board will meet tomorrow to discuss the next steps but would like to emphasise their continued commitment to organising an open and inclusive pride month next year.

April 2, 2019

Welcome the first Chair of RPA, Matt Bagshaw.

Matt Bagshaw – Chair

Matt Bagshaw is the founder and Director of embie people – a global business dedicated to putting employee happiness at the forefront of management thinking. Matt created the company after working as a human resources executive globally. His last role working closely with board members, involved representing key shareholder investments made in India, Australia, Italy, Serbia and Germany with particular focus on people strategy. A self-motivated, hard working and enthusiastic individual, Matt has over 20 years experience of providing professional and world class Human Resources leadership at executive level. Matt has a proven track record in designing and implementing dynamic people strategies with a fundamental focus on diversity, equality and inclusion.  

Although now working independently, he spent much of his career in the airline industry. Having held several roles centred on people development with a constant focus on equality. Initially with  British Airways in London he moved to Etihad Airways, in Abu Dhabi, as Head of Human Resources. Joining Etihad in 2009, he was initially responsible for the full management of HR for their largest division of pilots, cabin crew, airport staff and aircraft engineers comprising of over 15,000 employees – quite a diverse workforce! 

Born in the UK, Matt grew up in West Africa, Hong Kong and New Zealand. Still very much the jet-setter, Matt is keen to work with open minded people, all around the world, that care about diversity, equality & inclusion. 

Personal Statement: 
“Having lived around the world for my entire life, I have come across issues such as race, gender, social class and sexual orientation. It’s these experiences that make me the person I am today. I firmly believe that we are made up of the experiences life presents us and to that end I am passionate about making the diversity we enjoy, in this beautiful country, something that everyone embraces. That said, it’s not perfect and I am committed to supporting the board of Rainbow Pride AKL to deliver, though our values of inclusion, a Pride Parade event that will be the benchmark for others to follow”.

March 23, 2019

Latest board addition, Daniel Weeks.

The team are pleased to announce the latest addition to our board, Daniel Weeks.

Daniel Weeks

Daniel has a broad background in change management, process development, human resources and learning & development. Having spent 13 years living in Christchurch he made the move to Auckland in 2016 to further his career at an executive level.

Daniel is passionate about the LGBTQI+ community in New Zealand as a whole and keen to be an active contributor to future successes of our community in Auckland.

In his free time Daniel is active with his family, Daniel and his partner share custody of their daughters who are two rainbow warriors in their own right. When the domestic chores are done there’s nothing better he likes than exploring more of our beautiful country.

Personal Statement:
“Moving with my family 16 years ago from the motherland to New Zealand, it wasn’t long before I felt comfortable calling New Zealand Home. Our country is the of epitome of acceptance & diversity. I am proud to be able to be a part of a leadership nation in this virtue. For me, pride is not a one day or one week exclusivity event, it is about year wide acceptance, something that is not exclusive to our community but can reach further to wider communities, those without a voice and those lost amongst the noise. It is a unity of diversity and inclusivity that celebrates being alive and sharing in this amazing thing we call life.”

March 20, 2019

Latest board addition, Andreas Derleth

Rainbow Pride Auckland is pleased to announce the latest addition to our board, Andreas Derleth.

Andreas Derleth

Andreas, going by his preferred name Andy, has always been passionate about contributing some of his time to a good cause. In his teenage years Andy organised youth holiday camps, later on participated in the voluntary fire brigade in his home town and served as Mr Gay New Zealand and Mr Gay World in 2012/2013. During this time, aside from a daytime job, Andy travelled the world and gave over 100 interviews to LGBTIQ+ and mainstream media always with promoting tolerance, acceptance and inclusion on the forefront of his mind. From his own experience as a young gay man, growing up in a conservative environment with a lack of gay role models, Andy chose his main focus to be to give hope and perspective to those young men scared about being gay and coming out. In line with this Andy supported Outline NZ and always had and still has an open ear for those who contact him and look for guidance and an open ear. 

To the board of Rainbow Pride Auckland Andy brings international experience in management and leadership which were acquired in different leadership positions in well known companies in NZ and overseas. His current role is General Manager at Wireless Nation. His strength are organisation, coordination and planning with a particular focus on effectiveness and efficiency. In his 11 years in New Zealand Andy had the opportunity to get additional advanced training and succeed in communication management, project management, leadership, and strategic long term planning. 

In his free time, Andy likes to keep fit with weights workouts and swimming, socialising with friends, travelling, snowboarding, go for a ride on a motorbike, watch a good movie and most importantly spend quality time with his partner Tom. 

Personal statement:
“I’m passionate about bringing a colourful inclusive celebration of diversity back to the streets of Auckland. It is heartwarming to see people from all walks of life participating or lining the streets, particularly when you have families where the parent(s), guardians or care-givers use this opportunity to tell their children they will love them regardless of sexual orientation/identity. What matters is what you say and do not what nature determined you to be.”

March 3, 2019

Board & Advisory Announced

The working group would like to thank everyone who submitted their names to enhance the direction of Rainbow Pride Auckland which relates to seats on the Board and Advisory Panel. Interviews are well underway and it will not be too long before we have a completed team.

We would like to acknowledge the overwhelming messages of support, positive ideas and suggestions from our LGBTIQ+ communities, sponsors, businesses, corporate and government agencies that were sent through our “Contact us” page. If we have missed anyone out let us know please.

The working group is comprised of fifteen people in total. There are three levels which are comprised of a Guardianship, Advisory Panel and a Board. At this stage not all positions have been filled.

Guardianship: (5) These people are community leaders based on specific skill sets.

The role of the Guardianship is to ensure the constitution is up-held and offers guidance and support to the Board and the Advisory Panel. The constitution is in the final stages of development. The Guardianship have the power to overturn decisions made by the Board and Advisory Panel in extreme cases.

Guardianship appointments will be release next week.

The Board: (9) These people have been selected based on specific skill sets.

The role of The Board is up-hold the rules of Rainbow Pride Auckland and has full control of the Parade & Festival.

At this stage we have seats and positions already filled.

The Chairperson, Treasurer and remaining three board members positions are yet to be filled

Advisory Members: (7): These people have been selected based on specific skill sets.

The role of the Advisor Panel is to ensure our communities are connected, and to help and support the board.

At this stage we have seats already filled.

The remaining two Advisory Panel member positions are yet to be filled.

There are to be members from the community who will have roles assisting the Advisory Panel as well. These people may be selected from the interview process or shoulder tapped if need be. However, if you think you have the time and energy to fill one of these roles we would just love to hear from you.

We will try our very best to communicate with you on a regular basis. Your feedback and suggestions are welcomed. However, because of the high volume of inward correspondence we have had, many answers to questions may come to you via our media releases.

Rainbow Pride Auckland is to be self-governing and this situation will be reviewed by the organisation at the Annual General Meeting in or around June 2020.

We would like to acknowledge Kaumatua (Mana Whenua) who have assisted us in the area of Tikanga and look forward to continued support.

February 23, 2019

Welcome To Rainbow Pride Auckland

It is with pleasure to announce that Rainbow Pride Auckland (RPA) has been formed.

RPA will reinstate and improve the direction of the Parade & Festival for 2020 and beyond. We want to engage with the LGBTIQ+ communities and our allies and encourage community groups, sponsors, corporates, and government agencies/institutions opportunities to participate and celebrate knowing full well that it has always been our LGBTIQ+ communities’ gift to the city of Auckland on a National and International stage.

Rainbow Pride Auckland has decided to be self-governing and therefore will not have a ‘wider open membership’. We believe it will take time to heal the rifts between many individuals and groups and feel this is the best way forward at the moment and will reassess this position at the first Annual General Meeting prior to 31 July 2020.
RPA has been set up to manage its work at three different levels which are a Board, Advisory Panel and a Guardianship Panel.

The Board’s role will be to run the Rainbow Pride Auckland on a day to day basis. The Advisory Panel’s role will be to advise and work with the board to achieve its objectives and the Guardianship Panel’s role will be to support the board.

Most importantly, RPA wishes to have a more inclusive and non-judgmental feel to its direction; not only the vast majority of our communities but those individuals and groups who feel marginalised.
More information will become available as Rainbow Pride Auckland progresses forward.

We ask the communities to submit people’s names that they think would enhance the direction of Rainbow Pride Auckland and which relate to seats on the board & advisory. A short Bio on yourself along with your contact details, By using the following contact page on our web site. These names would need to be with us by the end of February 2019.

We also look forward to receiving positive ideas, suggestions and comments by using our website “Contact us” page

February 12, 2019

Facebook Page Launched

Welcome to the Rainbow Community Working Group that has been established to undertake LGBTIQ+ community events which will be inclusive for everyone for 2020 and beyond. In the first instance, we ask if you would like the page and encourage other people in the community to do so as well. Shortly, there will be more announcements as the working group steps ahead to consult with key stakeholders such as sponsors, corporates, government agencies, and LGBTIQ+ entities.

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